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We are pleased to introduce you to Akoma Hearts of Ghana, a modest NGO that works to improve the life of inhabitants of Azizakpe, a small island in the Volta river's mouth. Volunteers are the soul and the heart of our organization. If you are seeking to work for making the world a slightly better place, this is for you. A lifetime experience is waiting for you!


Current projects

After School Programme

Since 2018, our long-term-volunteers organize an After School Programme for the children of Azizakpe. Three times the week, the children come back to school in the afternoon. The programme offers a mix of learning and playing. We always engage them to some classroom activities to improve their intellectual knowledge before going out to play some fun games with them. 

Teacher Support Programme

As the Primary School of Azizakpe has always had a lack of teachers and struggled to put someone in charge for KG 1&2, we decided to support the school with an extra person. Since 2015, our organization provides someone who takes care of the youngest children in school. 

Check out our video about James: https://youtu.be/Q4B8WRkJ-E0



A boat for Azizakpe

In December 2019, we initiated our plastic project together with Christiane, our short-term-volunteer, and our two long-term-volunteers Kirsten and Greta from Germany. For two weeks, we used the After School Programme to work with the children from Class 4, 5 and 6 on the different topics concerning plastic, for example microplastics and organic/ inorganic waste. At the end, they presented their new knowledge to their parents in church to ensure that the whole community knows about the bad effects of plastic in the environment. Our next goal is to organize some bins and cleaning materials as well as to establish a regular cleaning system together with the children from the After School Programme. 

In summer 2017, we started building a boat for Azizakpe with the help of our unflagging volunteers and the cooperation of Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). We also managed to purchase an engine for the boat and put fiber on the outside to prevent water from entering the boat. In addition, the school children and our volunteers used colour and their handprints to make the boat look pretty. Unfortunately, there is a small leaking at one point that we have to fix now before we can put the boat on the water and hand it over to the community. 


There is a pressing need to save our island from the rising sea levels. Some trees and family homes have been lost already. Thus we seek people or entities with technical know-how, engineering or water sciences background.